Brake & Shocks

Hassle-Free Brake Repair Services

Hire Us to Fix Your Vehicle's Brakes

Have your brakes been particularly loud lately? It could be time to have the pads changed. Let the team that's been serving Amarillo for over 50 years check the condition of your car's brakes today.

Does a normal drive to the store feel like a roller-coaster ride? If so, it sounds like your car's shocks need work. Come to J's Automatic Transmissions for affordable brake and shock repairs. Let us give you a FREE estimate when you call us.

Get Your Brakes and Shocks Repaired Today

  • General repair
  • Drivability problems
  • Drivelines
  • CV axle shafts
  • U-joints and more
To be honest, you're not going to find better services at more affordable prices. Whether you need new brake pads or general shock treatment, we can get it done right! We offer FREE estimates on all our services.
For shocks and brake repair, call us at 
806-372-1412 or visit 
500 S Rusk St.
We have been serving Amarillo for over five decades.
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